Our Services

At Demand Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch construction services to our clients. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, ensuring every project meets our high standards of quality and sustainability.


The initial phase of the process will commence with a complimentary consultation conducted by one of our skilled experts.


Together with you, we will explore financing options through our partners, consider our TPO product, or discuss the option of paying in cash.


Our in-home engineers will calculate the precise number of solar panels you need and design them on your house for maximum output, tailored to your preferences.


Rest assured, we will handle all the logistics, ensuring that everything is delivered to your house on the day of installation.


Our installation process typically takes less than a day to complete. If you're considering additional home improvement projects, feel free to inquire about anything else you might have in mind.


Our typical timeline from consultation to installation is 34.5 days, and throughout this period, your dedicated project manager will stay in close contact with you.

Our Work Process

Demand Construction is committed to redefining excellence in construction. Our aim is to deliver high-quality, sustainable projects while ensuring client satisfaction and community enrichment. We strive to exceed expectations, focusing on innovation, safety, and integrity. Our vision is to build more than structures; we build lasting legacies.

Sign the Agreement

Review and sign the agreement to get the process started.

Site Inspection

We will perform a preliminary site visit to ensure that all required equipment can be installed.

Finalized Design

A second site visit will be performed to ensure the feasibility of equipment installation and to kick-start the permitting process.

Building Permit

We will submit the design and engineering plans to your local building department to obtain necessary permits and permissions.

Install the System

We will schedule an installation date once the utility grants us permission to install the system.


We will request an inspection from the city. Once the inspection is complete, the utility will install a new meter and grant permission to turn on your system.

Activate System

Flip the switch to turn your system on and start generating clean renewable energy on your roof.